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It is very easy when you decide to "fix" some things in your life to try and fix everything at once - with the result that usually very little really gets fixed, permanently. Presently I have two fixes in mind: to reduce my waistline to 26" by 26 March 2012 and to get my paper flow under control.

Target 26 came first. 

It started after I attended an introductory NLP workshop and was reminded of some of the awesome things that I had achieved in the past, simply by setting my mind to the tasks at hand - with a clear vision of the result I desired.


  • Begin with the end in mind.
  • Know the very last thing that has to happen, before you achieve your goal.
  • Be at cause, not reacting and becoming the cause.


Since the workshop was not taking the path I had hoped, I was very disengaged until the trainer spoke about visualisation in a way that attracted me.  He had tried several other exercises that I mentally disregarded, because I rather think them to be more of the "trick" style for those not at all experienced with the power of the mind.


Mind anchors

On the day, I could not recall an "anchor" of happiness with which to begin working, but I have done since. "Lady In Red" is a song that brings me great joy every time I hear it because it reminds me of a wonderful night in Bali with Robbie.  Just the two of us. Just being together.  The guy singing at the Bali Rani didn't know the words but he did manage to find the tune and Robbie did dance with the Lady In Red.  


The last one he asked us to try was about visualisation of taste: in this case, a lemon. Suddenly I had an anchor - because I remembered a friend of mine, Diane Featherstone (who established The Inspiration Factory in Perth), took us through this exercise over twenty five years ago. I still can taste that lemon - and I was hooked.


Maybe there was something to this "NLP" business, after all?  It just wasn't called NLP in those days and it has been beaten into my subconscious over my whole life that "humans cannot be programmed". 


Discussion background

This arises from religious discussions where the question was one of "free will vs all "choices" being pre-programmed for us as a result of us simply being a group of neurons and nerves that reacted to certain circumstances".  

This is not a discussion into which I can enter in depth with my mother, because she is absolutely unshakeable on this. Her constant avowal that humans cannot be programmed was something that led her to reject any ideas of using your subconscious in a "programmed" manner and for a very long time dissuaded me from exploring this as a way to achieve desired outcomes. 


She disavows the concept of being "programmed" but rather prefers to say we are all subject to "heridity, envionment and education" (HEE) and they are responsible in varying degrees for our subsequent behaviour as we grow into our adult lives. This is true, in part.

Yet, whenever something has arisen in our family that is not harmonious or pleasant (in terms of its effect on the person concerned or the family as a whole), she blames HEE as being of such effect that the person concerned was virtually incapable of behaving in any other way. I have come to realise that her views are in conflict because with "free will" we do make our own choices. It may well be that our HEE has a strong bearing on the choices we make but in the end we all choose the actions we take.



I know that well planned goals are achievable - by virtue of our own free will, by the taking of specific steps that often are in no way related to our own HEE. I know by what I have achieved in my career - which is way outside what my HEE set me up to achieve.  But it needed my free will to commit myself to years of work, study and pushing myself past limits I did not see, because financial planning was new and no one knew what the limits should or could be.  Notwithstanding that, I was well recognised for what I achieved - to the point that often I was very surprised, because to me it all seemed to be the natural order of things.  Of how it should be.


Right now, my choices are to moderate my eating patterns and learn how to keep the paper flowing instead of piling up on my desk. Whether that takes free will, HEE or NLP - I will take it! 





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Comment by Mariana Costa Weldon on March 22, 2012 at 4:15

I feel exactly with you... especially about the ... paper flow!

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